On May 8 and 9, 2015, approximately 20 of the conductors of wind bands in Canadian Universities met in Toronto.  This was an historic meeting in many ways.  Dr. Jason Caslor and myself too the initiative to use the massive repertoire knowledge, the brain trust in that room, to discover what we could about high quality Canadian wind band music.

Present and completing the survey were:

Jason Caslor, Memorial University (now Associate Director of Bands, Arizona State University; Brent Ghiglione, U of Regina; Mark Hopkins, Acadia University; Wayne Jeffrey Kwantlen University, (retired); Gareth Jones U of Calgary; James Kaylyn, Mount Allison University; Kieth Kinder, MacMaster University; Jessica Kun, Wilfrid Laurier University; Fraser Linklater, U of Manitoba (retired); Gillian MacKay, U of Toronto; Wendy McCallum, Brandon University; Darrin Oehlerking, U of Saskatchewan; Jeff Reynolds, U of Toronto; Colleen Richardson, Western University; Angela Schroeder, U of Alberta; Karem Simon, university of Prince Edward Island; Robert Taylor, U of British Columbia; William Thomas, York University; and Dan Tremblay, Queen’s University.

You can look at the results by clicking the link below:


Since 2016, every band that performs at the National Finals of MusicFest Canada is required to perform one Canadian selection.  This survey was subsequently used to create the supplementary list of Canadian Wind Band music for MusicFest Nationals, graded from B100 to B 600 in difficulty.  You can view this list here:

MusicFest Canada Canadian Rep Supplementary List

In the future, this list will be updated; composer contacts will be added; links to performances will be added; information about how to obtain this music will be added.  If you have an interest or enthusiasm for this kind of project, we can always use your help.  Contact Mark Hopkins (Mark.Hopkins@acadiau.ca) if you would like to pitch in!