Philosophical journal article

I am excited to have my first refereed article in a discipline other than music, the Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education, co-authored with Tessa Maclean and Greg Pyrcz.


Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments

Over the last two decades I have been studying and investigating the Symphonies of Wind Instruments, and I have come to believe it is one of the most misunderstood masterworks in Stravinsky’s catalogue.  I have studied all of the versions of the Symphonies from the perspectives of performance practice, theoretical analysis, editions, and reception history, to create a comprehensive overview of its design and achieve the best performance possible.  To this end I have visited (a) the Paul Sacher Institute in Basel, Switzerland, with funds provided by Acadia University and Nova Scotia Tourism and Culture, to examine letters and scores pertaining to the Symphonies, in April 2012; (b) the Music Library at Cambridge University, UK, to examine the “Norman Del Mar” Manuscript of Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments (1920), in July 2005.  While searching the archives in Basel I found the manuscript for the Chorale from the Symphonies, as arranged by Stravinsky, for a 1947 broadcast by the CBS Symphony Orchestra using the instrumentation of the Symphony of Psalms. More performances and writing on this topic will follow very soon.

“Canadian Wind Repertoire Project”—National Annotation, Presentation, and Performance Initiative

Phase 1:  Consulted for the Canadian Music Centre Wind Repertoire Project, funded through a Trillium Grant as part of a team that perused 300+ works languishing in the CMC holdings, by Canadian Composers from the 20th and 21st Centuries.  From this list we culled a shortlist of strong works and wrote annotations for the CMC Website and suggested selected extraordinary works for print publication by the CMC, May to July 2012.
Phase 2:   (a) Collaborated in March 2013 with Anne-Marie Page of the Canadian Music Centre, presenting a summary of findings at the College Band Director’s National Association Conference in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Phase 3:   In Progress—This project will culminate in a collaboration with Dr. Jason Caslor (Arizona State University), seeking to define a Canadian repertoire based on collecting data revealing which Canadian works are most commonly performed by ensembles across Canada. Initial findings from this research have been incorporated into a new, recommended list of Canadian wind band repertoire, published August 2015 at the Musicfest Canada website (   Organizing a national recording cycle to record the annotated works for distribution through ITunes and the CMC website.

Contributions to Education and Pedagogy

Principal Writer, Nova Scotia Beginning Band Curriculum, 2008-2009. This curriculum is innovative in its emphasis on “sound before sight”, creative improvisation, composition using graphic notation, and exploration of integrated listening. In 2013 the Singapore Department of Education adopted this curriculum for use in its schools throughout Singapore.
Ensemble Culture   Consulted with author John Ralston Saul regarding music ensemble applications of principles from his book On Equilibrium, November 2004. This research has led to a collaboration with Dr. Gregory Pyrcz (Sociology, Acadia University) and Tessa MacLean (Graduate Student, McGill University) on cultivating an optimal ensemble culture in school and professional ensembles, building on existing research.

Contributions to Canadian Winds, the Journal of the Canadian Band Association

Spring 2015       “An Interview with Composer Nancy Telfer”
“Review: A Guide to Band Masterworks Vol. 3” by David Kish
“Study Guide for Derek Healey’s Solemn Music” (co-written by Valerie Graham and Mark Hopkins)

Fall 2014          “An Interview with Conductor Martin Berinbaum”

Spring 2014       “An Interview with Composer John Estacio”
“Review: Tuning the Wind Band” by Shelley Jagow

Fall 2013           “An Interview with Conductor Robert Gibson”
“Review: Folk Songs in the English Folk Song Suite” by Robert Garofalo
“Review: Winds of Change II: The New Millennium” by Frank L. Battisti

Spring 2013       “An Interview with Composer Alan Gordon Bell”

Fall 2012           “An Interview with Conductor Glenn Price”
“Article: Ten Years of the Denis Wick Canadian Wind Orchestra by Robert Garofalo

Spring 2012       “An Interview with Composer Sydney Hodkinson”
“Study Guide for Michael Colgrass’s Beethoven Machine”

Fall 2011           “An Interview with Conductor Shelley Jagow”
“Review: Folks Songs in Holst’s Second Suite” by Robert Garofalo

Spring 2011       “An Interview with Composer Francois Morel”
“Study Guide for Michael Colgrass’s Beethoven Machine”

Fall 2010           “An Interview with Conductor Stephen Chenette”
“Review: Adventures of an American Composer” by Michael Colgrass

Spring 2010       “An Interview with Composer Gary Kulesha”

Fall 2009           “An Interview with Conductor Tania Miller”
“Review: Folks Songs in Holst’s Second Suite” by Robert Garofalo

Spring 2009       “An Interview with Composer Derek Healey”
“Review: Ralph Vaughan Williams’ Wind Works” by John Ceander Mitchell